It's all about the box

A little about us, our founders, how it works and some fun photos of us in action!

The makings of Sew Surprised

I am the mother of four, as well as a school teacher. I am also a self-taught sewist. As my children have grown older, they have developed interest in different hobbies. My two oldest girls have subscriptions to a makeup box and my pre-tee son looks forward to his video-game inspired box each month. My husband gets shaving supplies in the mail, and I have even tried out a subscription for clothing that I can wear to work and send back to keep my closet variety fresh without breaking my bank! I am seeing subscription boxes popping up for people of all ages and interests. When I tried finding a box for unique sewing gadgets, I came up empty. There are plenty of quilting clubs and fat quarter clubs, but nothing geared towards sewing in general and especially not for the beginner or child sewist. I feel that I am the perfect person to create that box!

I wanted to create a box that is fun and simple. Something with all the supplies needed, but also a teaching component so that the customer is not left alone to figure out the project him or herself. The most unique aspect of the Sew Surprised box is that each box builds on the one before it. You start off learning something simple and gain new skills each month that you can apply to your own projects. After your first year in the program, you will receive a certificate of completion that you can proudly display on the wall of your sewing room (or bedroom, or whever else you sew!) and move over to the intermediate level ox, or simply subscribe to our upcoming fabric/supplies box for general sewists (coming soon!)